As light as a snow flurry

Twisting through the air-

As untroubled as a dust mote

Floating down the stair.

As brave as a dandelion seed

Rushing on by-

As free as a thousand smoke wisps

Curling into the sky.



Is this joy I find?





The silence of winter,
The size and shape and weight of it.
As the earth prepares for a long sleep
I can feel the deep darkness
As the earth shifts away from the burning sun.
Here, the sunlight gently beseeches earth to return
But the earth yawns
And turns her head,
Ignoring his caressing fingers.
She welcomes the dark and cold
And closes her eyes.
Rest now, the snow will be your blanket
The wind will be muffled music to your ears.
And when you are ready
When you are strong again
You will dress yourself with spring
You will turn back to the sun
And welcome his fiery embrace.
And you will whisper in his ear
What winter taught you.
Rest now earth.
Dream in sunrises.



The Preying Mantis

I spied a praying mantis

A sittin’ on the steps,

One golden afternoon.

I paused,


To see what he would do.

He sat still,

And just prayed.

Time delayed,

he prayed

and I swayed

My eyes half-mast,

Listening to the dragonfly wings

Drone on,

as they zig-zagged past.

Oh!–what a start!

My saint mantis

stabbed a dragonfly

through its very heart!

I leaped back



As he hugged the dragonfly

—still struggling!

I clenched my fists

As he ripped off its glittering wings.

I turned away


And just a little bit wiser.

Not everyone who prays

Really does, and only God is not a liar.


The Lonely Places

by Danielle Dumas

I look from the dusty, dry fields                                                                                                         to the burnt sienna sky                                                                                                                    The wide, wide spaces between
Swallow me up inside.
Sand roads that lead nowhere
Draped with heavy trees
I glimpse hidden pastures
Between the mossy leaves.
And while the storm gathers strength  
When the wind surges warm and sweet
The clouds build towers from earth to sky
The rain, a one-way street.
I smile, as the lonely lands
Blossom once again
Never forgotten, not once forsaken
I see a mighty hand.
Who covers all, who fills all, who is all that is good.
Mysterious are Your ways; not understood.
I wonder: Why is it these quiet places that startle me?
Perhaps it is because only there I can best see
That You are there; whispering
“Worship only me.”
And when the sunset sky
Fades to darkest black
I hear the swamps murmur lowly,
The crocodile teeth snap.
I laugh, unafraid
Because the truth I see.
You inhabit eternity,                                                                                                                         You are the in-between.                                                                                                                    You smiled when we were made
“It is good “you said, as You gave.
You never turned away ,                                                                                                                  but move closer still —                                                                                                                    and searching my soul
You turn my desolate spaces
Into triumphant places.

iphone photo by danielle dumas

A New Song 🎶

A New Song

Take my pain
And make it a song
Make the dark notes light
Smooth the staccatos to long.

Take my grief
And make it sound
Like church bells ringing
All around.

Fill my silences
With Your joyful shouts !
Triumphant chords:
Erasing my doubt.

Make my fear be
as light as the breeze
Rustling the top
Of the redwood trees.

Let my dissonance
Soften like gentle rain
Changing my haunted melody
To holy; changing everything

And take my rewritten melody
Intertwined with Your light.
Singing our song for Your glory,
Showing Your power and might.

iphone photo by Danielle D

What I wish for You (a poem)

What I wish for you
Is freedom,
Brave and true.

May you command a ship
And sail into the great blue.
May you jump wildly into the waves
May you swim through underground caves.

May you find a glittering black beach,
May you sink to your knees
And watch a priceless sunset.

May you make huge white wings
And sail from your isle,
May you soar through the sky
No more exiled.

May you feel the great redwoods
As you drift past,
May you remember the great plains,
Yellow-green and vast.

And touching down may you walk
Through the mountain trails
May you discover secret treasure
And leave it for others.

And may you journey on
Until your soul is full
Of light and shadow
Sun and snow.
Wind and rain
Peace and love
Hope and rest.
May you know the highs and lows
And all the depths of you–
And choose to live free; too.


iPhone photo by Danielle Dumas