Hard-learned Truths and God

The older I become, the more I realize and understand certain truths. Below are only a few of the ones I have learned so far. I hope they can help encourage you as much as they have encouraged me.

  1. Life can be unbearably sad
  2. Life is unbelievably sweet
  3. Don’t let other’s opinion diminish you-only God can and will judge you
  4. Hard work is necessary and necessary for happiness
  5. God is faithful-we are not alone.

Life can be unbearably sad. Deaths, divorce, financial ruin, murders and all kinds of evils abound. This is a fact. We can all expect to be touched with trials or fears or pain at some point. This is reality. We know we cannot escape this. Life can break your heart.

How we choose to handle this fact defines us. Do we run away? If so, how far and for how long? Do we scream in anger at life’s unfairness and shake our fists? The last possibility is actually the only sane one. We must choose to face it knowingly, willingly and bravely. It takes true determination, true courage and true grit to face life fully. We will disappoint others, we will be disappointed by others and we will let ourselves down. We endure the tedious and the mundane moments of life as well as the truly harrowing and fearful times.  We must bear both minute inconveniences as well as suffer through some long midnight hours. As adults, we understand and must accept these facts so that we can also understand and experience another fact.

Life is unbelievably sweet. Balanced by both pleasure and pain, life is a gift for which we gave nothing for. We enjoy flashes of laughter and merriment with friends. We experience the warmth of family and the giddiness of trying new things. We are awestruck at the beauty of this world and at the beauty that shines through even in every day moments. Life is wonderful and precious and full of new beginnings and chances for us.

Don’t let others opinion diminish you. It is easy sometimes, especially when you admire or love a person, to let their opinion or preferences bind you. There should always be a section of your heart that is your own. This means  that there should be boundaries in place to guard your heart. We must respect ourselves and the other person enough to say when enough is enough or “don’t do that.” We were not made to be doormats or controllers. We were made to be responsible and to hold others and ourselves accountable for our actions. Only God can judge and will judge us. God is perfect, so He is the One who can see and divine the intents of our hearts. We will answer to him for the decisions, thoughts, actions and choices we have made with His gifts.

Hard work is necessary. “There is no substitute for hard work.” Someone wise said this and it is true. I think everyone is surprised at some point by just how hard work life actually is. Working at a demanding job, taking care of children or elderly, working on marriage-all these require attention and hard work. We may not always wake up feeling like it, but we choose to love others and that requires- well, even more work.

It is all worth it. How is it worth it? We are not alone. God is with us in each and every moment. He is with us when we are laughing and when we are crying. He sees pain no one knows. When others let us down, He will never let us down. When fear and confusion surround us, He holds us. God has already won the war over sin and death and our own desires. He offers us freedom and His faithfulness, if we turn to Him. God’s love is constant and all-compassing. He knows the worst things about us and He doesn’t turn away. God gives.

He is the best and only Person who can help us.

God—Jan 29, 1997

God gives a peace

in the darkest night.

When all seems lost,

And there is no light.

God’s love shines through

Life’s hardest blows,

He sees pain nobody knows

but Him.

God gives a silver lining to every cloud

After every storm, a rainbow.

In the thunder He speaks aloud-

Makes the waves roll low.

He can still the wildest fear

Make a path through the sea.

In trouble, Him I hear

calling me.

So when the thunders roll

and lightning flashes,

When fangs of doubt appear-

Do not worry

He will hear.

All you have to do is ask.


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