Where are you?

 In Katie Davis’ book “Kisses from Katie”  on page 277; she says'”God is right here living inside the hearts of all who believe. So maybe the question is, “Where are we?”‘ (Katie Davis, with Beth Clark; Howard Books; 2011)

That question struck me–hard. So many times I have, with a false sense of justification said, “Well, where is He?” It seems that we humans are always looking for someone to blame. Aren’t we? When we fail; are hurt; are angry or are disappointed; we turn wildly around and try to pin that label on someone else– anyone else.

I was reminded that God once asked that same question [“Where are You?”] in the Garden of Eden. We had just disobeyed the only rule we’d been given. I read and reread the passage, but I saw that Adam and Eve after sinning, did not immediately repent. In fact, I don’t see where they ever did. I wonder if within the silence after their sin there was an opportunity waiting for them to ask for forgiveness. They did not. They covered up with leaves and hid. God came down and asked “Where are you?” Finally forced to confess, they both blamed something or someone else. I wonder what would have happened and how the story would have changed, if they had begged for mercy instead of cast blame. Do we not all do this? Why is it so hard for us to humble ourselves? Why is it so much easier to believe lies?

God never changes. We do. We go a thousand different directions– our emotions, our wills, our desires constantly changing. We always end up in dark places, at the end of ourselves. We do not choose light. Until God comes down, finds us, and asks us “Where are you?”

Further reading: Genesis 3


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