When Angels Sing -a poem

image credit: Flickr

Can angels sing

of a love so deep,

Do the courts of heaven resound-

or do some angels weep?


Can they sing of mercy

or of grace,

Can they sing with thankfulness

as they gaze upon His Face?


Have they ever felt the freedom

of sin’s broken chains-

Knowing that for them,

A Lamb had been slain?


When in heaven

Angel and man shall stand,

Whose praise will be louder–

the angel or the man?


The angels will have to bow their wings,

the words in their mouth stumble,

They cannot sing to a God

that for them alone was humbled.


But angel and man will both sing

of a Maker,

Whose awesome might and power

Created everything.


And the whole expanse of Heaven

will be ringing

Of voices full of love and wonder

–of men and angels singing.

Further reading: Psalms 148



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