On Vengeance

One night, I lay awake fearful and angry. I had just watched a popular movie wherein a truly evil person caused great grief and harm to those around him. He especially enjoyed hurting the helpless. The villain eventually died, but it did not seem soon enough –or with the appropriate amount of pain. I fumed and muttered to myself “Who are they [the villains] afraid of?” I simmered in anger for a moment until suddenly; as if spoken aloud, the words “Vengeance is mine” was firmly uttered in my mind. It was so final, so absolute–so firm, that it gave me pause. I hesitantly turned back to the previous chain of thoughts, and before I could even finish them “I will repay ” was said, even more resolutely than before. I was startled, awed; relieved. God is the One who will repay, who will completely vanquish evil. There is nothing God could say to us that is more comforting. Except that He will never leave us. Or forsake us.

I couldn’t continue dwelling anymore on the fearful chain of thoughts. God was- and is- in control.

I turned over and went to sleep.

Further reading: Proverbs 24:29; Romans 12:17, 19 & 1 Peter 3:9


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