Singing Stones

 “He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”
(Luke 19:40)

This incredible sentence was Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees when they told him to “Silence your disciples.” Jesus was riding through the rocky countryside to Jerusalem on a donkey, and his disciples were singing and praising God, saying “Peace in Heaven and Glory in the highest!” This was on the day that is considered and celebrated as Palm Sunday–when all the people sang “Hosanna!” and waved palm leaves.

Can stones cry out? I wanted to know. Jesus’ almost casual- but confident response- to the Pharisees, seems more in the affirmative every time I read it.

A few articles,(pasted below) say that “researchers are just finding out that certain rocks can ring with different tones, when struck.” There are places across the world, where you can go and “compose impromptu symphonies with the rocks.” The rocks sound like “bells, or gongs.” How does this happen? I like this sentence: …”it [testing] does suggest strongly that the ringing ability is a direct result of internal stresses”…

Can you imagine an entire hillside ‘ringing like bells and gongs’ to celebrate Jesus?

Scientists do not know for sure why these rocks can “sing.” And interestingly, enough–the Pharisees did not have a reply for Jesus’ statement either.
image via torsten werner via flickr commons

Further reading:

Luke 19:37-40


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