Perspective–{guest post}

This is my first guest post and this is written by my husband, Brian. I love reading his thoughts (if he lets me) because it helps me gain a new viewpoint.

Further reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Isaiah 55:9 & Job 12:13



Occasionally, I change the way I’ve been doing things, and I begin to see something differently. I remember one time I was playing with my son in the living room and I stood in a corner where I don’t usually stand. I then noticed the house that I had lived in for 9 years in a different way then I had before. My small living room wasn’t so small after all. Chaos became orderliness, and a crowded space felt roomy. It’s just a room. Yet, it allowed me to wonder a bit.

I keep returning to this thought– if I can learn to change my perspective at a moment’s notice–will I then be able to find some mental nirvana? I sleep in a warm bed, even though it’s also 9 years old. I have plenty to eat. I have a career. Although, I find myself complaining about each of those things often. Someone else wouldn’t. They would see my small dilemmas as blessings. Are we a product of our environment? Can we change how we think about things?

Today my wife visited the local grocer on senior citizen day. Now my wife isn’t a senior, but she noticed a certain feeling in the air this day. For some reason, many of the patrons didn’t want to be there. They were pretty grumpy for the most part and some even hostile. Yep, at a grocery store. But it was one in particular that caught her attention.  She noticed the older lady pushing her buggy right at another lady getting some frozen food. The almost- incident was avoided by the frozen food shopper jumping out of the oblivious shopper’s path. What could each be thinking? You could tell what the soon- to- be- buggy- bruised shopper was thinking, but what about the other lady? Could she have been thinking about a loved one she just lost? Maybe she forgot her list. Or she just didn’t like people. Who knows. It’s difficult to consider this when you’ve almost been buggy- abused, but maybe it could have quelled some doubt about humanity in the frozen food section.

Oh, if I could only learn to change my perspective daily. My struggles would be lessened, and my circumstances would change drastically. How could I complain about my boss when I know he’s lost? Or how could I not start my own business when I finally realized that indecision in starting is the worst real decision that I’m making. I hope I can look at things from the other corner of the room. This is where the fun begins. This is where the dreams are. This is where living begins.

Autumn Woods


One thought on “Perspective–{guest post}

  1. This is the first time I saw your comments, Brian and that is true. We often don’t try to look at how someone else may be thinking and feeling. We do judge them from our perspective. And yes, we are often so ungrateful for what we have- others may have far less. I know I am not thankful enough. I enjoy Danielle’s posts, they make me meditate more on the Word.


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