A Poem

Walking through the Crowd

by Danielle Dumas

Walking through the crowd; alone

I bent my head.

No one cared to look at me

I was treated as one already dead.

“Unclean!” I yelled as someone

Accidentally stepped close.

I flinched

At their hasty curse.

A whisper, through the people

Traveled, gaining sound.

“Jesus!” “He is coming!”

I stopped, and turned around.

I had lost everything.

I had nothing left to give.

Maybe even touching Jesus’ clothes

Might make me live.

I felt His Power as He neared,

And hope twisted in my chest.

I was not worthy to ask Him

So stooping, I touched His dress.

Immediately, my body began to heal

And my broken mind began to sing

But wait! He was turning!

Had I just lost everything?

“Who touched me?” HE asked

His eyes holding mine.

They were pure and unwavering,

Ancient and kind.

I fell at His feet

My worst fears exposed.

“It was me.” I cried.

Agony tightening my throat.

He looked at me

And the world with my sins fell away.

Love wrapped itself around me

My stone heart began to break.

“Daughter”, He said

As wonder flooded my soul.

“Go in peace. You’re faith has

Made you whole.”

I rose joyously from the dust,

Every eye on me.

But it didn’t matter any more—

My Father had found me.

"Your Faith Has Made You Well"


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