Light in Darkness [a poem by D. D.]

God spoke,

and light listened.

Darkness was divided,

and our new Earth glistened.

Time traveled on,

and Man resisted

the Light from above;

and now blind– his soul twisted.

So God sent His Son

with the brightest star in the sky.

True love was born

in the stable that night.

He pierces our hearts,

and opens our eyes.

He breaks the chains,

He answers every broken cry.

In Heaven one day

there will be only light.

Darkness has been forever vanquished–

there will be no more night.

We can then and now,

only praise and sing!

He has torn apart all shadows,

–He conquered everything.

Let us fall to our knees,

and believe! That

when God speaks,

the darkness flees.

Further reading: Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 42:16, Matthew 4:16 & John 1:5



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