When darkness comes

When darkness settles around me
And I feel the weight of the night
Winter stretches before me
Where is the sunlight?

When I cannot feel
Your love reaching down
I cannot find you–
Are you around?

Loneliness echoes
And fear closes in…
I close my eyes
Tears begin.

All hope is gone,
All love left.
And I am here,
Completely bereft.

But your truth finds me
In the darkest hour-
When I have finally relinquished
All my power.

Your love will hold me-
And will do so many times.
Even when I can’t see
That Your scarred hands hold mine.

Your mercy will show me
What I can never face.
You will lift up my heart,
My sins erase.

You will never leave me
Or forsake me, or turn away.
Once asked,
You stay.

Your steadfast love
is my guide.
My gift; Your glory.
My hope, my light.


–Danielle Dumas


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