The Red Sea & Me (a poem)

I wondered through a dark wood one day
When up ahead
I saw a man standing
Beside the pathway

He had his arms outstretched
As if waiting for me.
I continued forward –                                                                                                                                       hesitantly.

I pulled up my hood

And averted my eyes.

Hoping he wouldn’t see

The shadows inside.

Then to my horror, the shadows seeped out!

Writhing about-

They surrounded me.


I beat at them

But they only cackled with glee

“Child,” the man said “You cannot hide shadows with shadows.”

I ignored him and pulled off my cloak.

With a smirk, I put it on top of the shadows…

but the shadows hissed back; and gripped my throat.

“Child,” the man said, you cannot hide shadows with shadows.”

I sagged; feeling defeated.

And the shadows grew taller. I tried to turn my back on them

But they only grew ever stronger.

“Child,” the man said “You cannot ignore them. Come with me.”

I tried to run but my shadows became chains-

And twisted tightly around my legs.

Drowning in pain-

 I fell.

“Child,” the man said “I will ask again. Do you want

To be made well?”

I looked up, a tear escaping

I had done my best

But these chains were not breaking

I whispered “Yes.”

The woods melted away

And we stood on a cliff overlooking a red sea.

I gasped aloud as my shadow-chains

Suddenly loosed from me.

“Child,” the man said “I am He.

Give me your shadows, I have the might

Only I take away endless night.”

He held out his hand and I took it.

The shadows screamed as they were at last taken from me

And I watched as the shadows of my past, present & future

Plummeted all into the sea.

And were covered-


I was now forever free.

I turned back to Him, who still held my hand.

“What do you next have planned?” I said.

He smiled and pointed and further ahead

Soared a white castle, touching the sky.

And so down the path we went together, my Healer and I.


photo by Danielle Dumas



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