The Rail (a poem)

Dark was the night, and black was my soul

In the boat, in the storm that night.

Through heavy wind and heaving waves

I gripped the rail; knuckles white.


Between flashes of lightning, I suddenly saw Him.

In my world that spun and burned,

He was the only one not swaying.

I leaned forward– blinking! My heart turned.


“If it’s You,” I said hoarsely;

“Tell me to come to You.”

You immediately said, “Come.”

And as soon as I heard Your voice- I knew.


I let go of the rail.

And the others in the boat moaned weakly,

As jumping out of the sinking ship-

I walked on top of the sea.


But I became afraid when I saw the terrible waves.

And thrashing! — I began to sink. I cried out!

You stood before me then; saying quietly

“Why do you doubt?”


You reached down and pulled me up, and suddenly

we were now back inside the boat.

I did not grab the rail,

but held onto Your coat.


You spoke to the wild storm,

— and it ceased!

We praised You then; joyfully

as God of all peace.


Not for the storm, nor for the waves,

Will I will always remember that night.

But that You walked towards me when I had nothing left…

You saw my plight.


You came for me,

walking across the impossible sea–

And that is what changed




photo by Danielle Dumas

Further reading: Matthew 14:22-33


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