The Lion’s Den (a poem)


The Lion’s Den

Danielle Dumas

I pushed up from my bruised elbows

And looked into the gloom.

Yellow-slitted lion eyes

Glittered under the harvest moon.


(But I had seen wilder eyes

than these before,

Watching me from dark corners of the palace

As I knelt praying, on the floor.)


I straightened slowly and didn’t flinch

When a lion yawned.

His teeth—quite long!

(But I had felt the polished blade of a tongue

Sharper than this one.)


The lions approached and encircled me,

But steady, I breathed.

(I had been surrounded before—

By men—more vicious than these.


And God had protected me,

from men consumed by greed and lies,

Full of envy–

Evil thinly disguised.)


The lions turned away from me

with a sigh,

And I smiled as they flopped down,

Stretching out at my side.


Dawn came,

and with it the king.

How wearily, how anxiously—

he called down to me!


I stretched and swatted away

a questioning tail.

As I answered back to the king.

“God has again saved me.” I said. “He always prevails. “


A rope was thrown down

And as I slowly climbed up,

Shapes flew past me,

Screaming, as they landed in the muck.


And the ravenous lions

Quickly devoured

Those men who had sold their soul

for power.


And praying;

I continued on my way –

Safe in Him

until the end of my days.


For further reading: Daniel 6; Daniel 12:13


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