Fire and Water Prayer (a poem)

by Danielle Dumas


Be the fire in my heart,

A pure, white-hot flame:

May it devour the darkness,

May I never be the same.


Let the fire

blaze high–

When my enemies draw near.

Let it scorch deceit; let it smother lies.


Be the rain in my soul-

Will you quench my thirst?

…My yearning, my wandering,

My pain and my hurt.


With steady gentleness

fall into my soul,

Make me a river

Out of this dry soil.


Where  fire and water meet–

let them combine.

May my tides

Be anchored, by Your deep.


Be the music in my mind,

A melody strong and sweet.

May it surge with compassion

And soar with thoughts of Thee.


You are the fire in my heart

A pure, white-hot flame.

devouring my darkness,

I will never be the same.


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