True Strength (part 2 of 2) a poem

Strength, part 2 of 2 (a poem)

Danielle Dumas

You take away

what I cannot give.

Your lips shape the words,

that flatten me with grief.

My heart a sieve-

it seizes

the chance to whisper to me

‘He cannot love you-or else how can this be?’

Help my unbelief!

Fury and fear bind me,

When will I be free?

But into this storm of me,

You speak gently:

“To you; child, your birth was a great mystery,

and so your death will be.

What I do, I do.

No one advises me.

It is not for you to know,

the reasons I understand.

My ways are not your ways,

My plans, not your plans.

But as for Me, loving you-

You already know that I do.

Truly, only one Person ever-

died for you.”

Have mercy on me Lord!

You know I am but dust.

Humbly fashioned, and so frail

I’m demolished by Life’s gusts.

“I am your eternal Father. 

And when you are done…

You will sit beside me

Your face shining like the sun,

as I tell you our story-

your moment of time,

interwoven with My glory. “



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