Surprised by Sunrise (a poem)

by Danielle Dumas

Sometimes in the darkest hours 

We rise, from our sleepless bed

And look out into the endless night.

We pull on our boots and coats 

And jam a hat over our ears.

And while no one notices,

we wipe away a tear.

We open the frost covered door

and step into the cold.

Hunching our shoulders,

we stride across the snow.

We find a tree and lean against its weight.

Wearily; we slide down to sit at its base.

And searching the black, black sky

We sigh 

and wait,

and wait.

And in it’s own time —

We see a sliver of light.

Pushing through

the leaden sky.

Then another ray pierces through.

It is joined by its brothers 

and interwoven,

fits, like a puzzle .

But then our gazes turn sharply towards the east 

Where with a fiery blast of heat

The sun dances on the horizon.

Our eyes water as its searing light

Conquers all remaining night.

Lining the world in blazing gold.

It shouts to us to have hope!

Standing up from our knees, we realize 

We have to shield our eyes.

And at the same time wonder how we can always be

Surprised by every sunrise.

iphone photo by danielle dumas

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