What I wish for You (a poem)

What I wish for you
Is freedom,
Brave and true.

May you command a ship
And sail into the great blue.
May you jump wildly into the waves
May you swim through underground caves.

May you find a glittering black beach,
May you sink to your knees
And watch a priceless sunset.

May you make huge white wings
And sail from your isle,
May you soar through the sky
No more exiled.

May you feel the great redwoods
As you drift past,
May you remember the great plains,
Yellow-green and vast.

And touching down may you walk
Through the mountain trails
May you discover secret treasure
And leave it for others.

And may you journey on
Until your soul is full
Of light and shadow
Sun and snow.
Wind and rain
Peace and love
Hope and rest.
May you know the highs and lows
And all the depths of you–
And choose to live free; too.


iPhone photo by Danielle Dumas



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