The Lonely Places

by Danielle Dumas

I look from the dusty, dry fields                                                                                                         to the burnt sienna sky                                                                                                                    The wide, wide spaces between
Swallow me up inside.
Sand roads that lead nowhere
Draped with heavy trees
I glimpse hidden pastures
Between the mossy leaves.
And while the storm gathers strength  
When the wind surges warm and sweet
The clouds build towers from earth to sky
The rain, a one-way street.
I smile, as the lonely lands
Blossom once again
Never forgotten, not once forsaken
I see a mighty hand.
Who covers all, who fills all, who is all that is good.
Mysterious are Your ways; not understood.
I wonder: Why is it these quiet places that startle me?
Perhaps it is because only there I can best see
That You are there; whispering
“Worship only me.”
And when the sunset sky
Fades to darkest black
I hear the swamps murmur lowly,
The crocodile teeth snap.
I laugh, unafraid
Because the truth I see.
You inhabit eternity,                                                                                                                         You are the in-between.                                                                                                                    You smiled when we were made
“It is good “you said, as You gave.
You never turned away ,                                                                                                                  but move closer still —                                                                                                                    and searching my soul
You turn my desolate spaces
Into triumphant places.

iphone photo by danielle dumas

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