True Strength (part 2 of 2) a poem

Strength, part 2 of 2 (a poem)

Danielle Dumas

You take away

what I cannot give.

Your lips shape the words,

that flatten me with grief.

My heart a sieve-

it seizes

the chance to whisper to me

‘He cannot love you-or else how can this be?’

Help my unbelief!

Fury and fear bind me,

When will I be free?

But into this storm of me,

You speak gently:

“To you; child, your birth was a great mystery,

and so your death will be.

What I do, I do.

No one advises me.

It is not for you to know,

the reasons I understand.

My ways are not your ways,

My plans, not your plans.

But as for Me, loving you-

You already know that I do.

Truly, only one Person ever-

died for you.”

Have mercy on me Lord!

You know I am but dust.

Humbly fashioned, and so frail

I’m demolished by Life’s gusts.

“I am your eternal Father. 

And when you are done…

You will sit beside me

Your face shining like the sun,

as I tell you our story-

your moment of time,

interwoven with My glory. “



True Strength (a poem) Part 1 of 2)

Strength (a poem; part 1 of 2)

by Danielle Dumas

You hold me 

In the palm of Your hand.

When I kneel, 

You stand.

Your love covers me

And shows me I am free.

When I step closer,

You are there, waiting.

When I turn away-

You stay.

You are power and light

But You do not use 

Your might

Against me.

You are on my side-


How can I fear?

You are everywhere.

(Because You hear and see

And fight for me!)

Your love is complete,

and unending.

Your hand is not a fist.

With your other hand

you do not take

What I do not give.

How can I resist

such gentleness?

Because of Your love to me,

I can rest. And I am free.

iPhone photo by Danielle Dumas

Christmas Medley (A poem)

by Danielle Dumas


Twinkle twinkle little star,

How I wonder at who You are.

Up above the world so high

You came near, shining Your light.

Pointing the way-to all who want to see:

to a tiny stable, and a newborn baby.


Lay down your sweet head

and listen. Instead

of angel choirs–hear Mary humming

haltingly; but sweet and low

Pondering the things she does know.


And in a nearby field,

(while shepherds watched by night)

angels appeared! Telling all

to go worship and follow the light.


And farther away still,

wise men from the east,

came seeking You, to kneel

at Your feet.


Oh night divine-

Oh star of wonder, star of night!

Draw us nearer,

Let us hear

the angel’s voices! And

Guide us to thy perfect light.

photo by Danielle Dumas

Winter (a poem)

by Danielle Dumas


There’s something about winter

When the bitter


Bites through your clothes

And everyone knows

The darkest hours are here.

Trees are stripped bare of their


Showing their bark -bones beneath.

Watercolor rain falls, freezing into

The ground.

The world is silent, watchful and waiting 

Listening for that unheard sound


To us, but sung to them

A seasons hymn 

Of reason and times

Of rhythms and rhymes.

And those who wait and hope


Will once again see


Sunlight chasing away the dark.


Winter has given birth to Spring.


Fire and Water Prayer (a poem)

by Danielle Dumas


Be the fire in my heart,

A pure, white-hot flame:

May it devour the darkness,

May I never be the same.


Let the fire

blaze high–

When my enemies draw near.

Let it scorch deceit; let it smother lies.


Be the rain in my soul-

Will you quench my thirst?

…My yearning, my wandering,

My pain and my hurt.


With steady gentleness

fall into my soul,

Make me a river

Out of this dry soil.


Where  fire and water meet–

let them combine.

May my tides

Be anchored, by Your deep.


Be the music in my mind,

A melody strong and sweet.

May it surge with compassion

And soar with thoughts of Thee.


You are the fire in my heart

A pure, white-hot flame.

devouring my darkness,

I will never be the same.

The Lion’s Den (a poem)


The Lion’s Den

Danielle Dumas

I pushed up from my bruised elbows

And looked into the gloom.

Yellow-slitted lion eyes

Glittered under the harvest moon.


(But I had seen wilder eyes

than these before,

Watching me from dark corners of the palace

As I knelt praying, on the floor.)


I straightened slowly and didn’t flinch

When a lion yawned.

His teeth—quite long!

(But I had felt the polished blade of a tongue

Sharper than this one.)


The lions approached and encircled me,

But steady, I breathed.

(I had been surrounded before—

By men—more vicious than these.


And God had protected me,

from men consumed by greed and lies,

Full of envy–

Evil thinly disguised.)


The lions turned away from me

with a sigh,

And I smiled as they flopped down,

Stretching out at my side.


Dawn came,

and with it the king.

How wearily, how anxiously—

he called down to me!


I stretched and swatted away

a questioning tail.

As I answered back to the king.

“God has again saved me.” I said. “He always prevails. “


A rope was thrown down

And as I slowly climbed up,

Shapes flew past me,

Screaming, as they landed in the muck.


And the ravenous lions

Quickly devoured

Those men who had sold their soul

for power.


And praying;

I continued on my way –

Safe in Him

until the end of my days.


For further reading: Daniel 6; Daniel 12:13

The Rail (a poem)

Dark was the night, and black was my soul

In the boat, in the storm that night.

Through heavy wind and heaving waves

I gripped the rail; knuckles white.


Between flashes of lightning, I suddenly saw Him.

In my world that spun and burned,

He was the only one not swaying.

I leaned forward– blinking! My heart turned.


“If it’s You,” I said hoarsely;

“Tell me to come to You.”

You immediately said, “Come.”

And as soon as I heard Your voice- I knew.


I let go of the rail.

And the others in the boat moaned weakly,

As jumping out of the sinking ship-

I walked on top of the sea.


But I became afraid when I saw the terrible waves.

And thrashing! — I began to sink. I cried out!

You stood before me then; saying quietly

“Why do you doubt?”


You reached down and pulled me up, and suddenly

we were now back inside the boat.

I did not grab the rail,

but held onto Your coat.


You spoke to the wild storm,

— and it ceased!

We praised You then; joyfully

as God of all peace.


Not for the storm, nor for the waves,

Will I will always remember that night.

But that You walked towards me when I had nothing left…

You saw my plight.


You came for me,

walking across the impossible sea–

And that is what changed




photo by Danielle Dumas

Further reading: Matthew 14:22-33